Mercy University Hospital,
Cork, Ireland.


In January 2003, the National HHT Centre opened in Cork, based at The Mercy University Hospital. This is the first centre in Ireland dedicated to the assessment and management of families with HHT. The Centre is staffed by medical and paramedical staff in The Mercy University Hospital, Cork University Hospital and The South Infirmary/Victoria Hospital. Its principal mission is to identify patients suffering from HHT, to assess all relevant family members of these patients with a view to establishing whether or not they too are affected and identifying what manifestations of HHT are present in each person affected. Appropriate management of all HHT manifestations will be offered, to treat symptomatic aspects of the condition and to prevent serious complications of occult vascular malformations (eg: monitoring of and, if appropriate, embolization of PAVM's).

We invite anybody suffering from HHT, or who has an affected family member to contact the Centre. We also welcome contact from anybody who suspects they they may be affected, and we would be happy to arrange review by the Centre's doctors, or send information regarding the condition and the Centre's activities to any individual's own physician.

The National HHT Centre is supported by The Grace Nolan Foundation, which is in turn affiliated to the HHT Foundation International. We are indebted for the support for our activities offered by the HHT Foundation and The Yale University Vascular Malformation Centre. Relevant contact information is as follows:

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